NISA Affiliates Across the Border With Liga Profesional de Fútbol Mexicano

May 13, 2022

New Professional League Expands Visibility and Opportunities
in Independent Soccer

CHICAGO (May 13, 2022) – The National Independent Soccer Association (NISA) today announced an international agreement with professional league Liga Profesional de Futbol Mexicano (LPF MX). The affiliation will propel NISA Clubs to play international matches. The commitment to each other and the game itself is the first-ever such agreement in soccer between the two countries.

"This first international affiliation is another major step for NISA,” says NISA Executive Vice President Josh Prutch. “The border between our two countries should not be an impediment to working together. Philosophically we believe territorial rights of any kind are artificial limits on the growth of the game. We have players from Mexico, and it is natural for our affiliations to as well.

“Just as we have formed affiliations with leagues representing communities and regions across the United States, we wanted this unique opportunity to add value for everyone involved in the association of NISA,” he adds.

The agreement is the first step. The next step includes implementing proper best practices and sharing sponsorships. In the coming weeks, the leagues will get together to strategize and cement the affiliation. The affiliation also is an opportunity for NISA to potentially expand the activities and influence of its diversity, equity and inclusion operations within the game.

“LPF and NISA share the aspiration of growing independent soccer across North America,” says LPFMX President and Founder Juan Serna. “That ethos means we are dedicated to creating growth and opportunities for players, coaches and front office staff. Learning best practices is important, generating opportunities to activate best practices is just as important.”

LPF has approximately 100 professional and amateur Clubs located throughout Mexico. Many of these Clubs are extremely popular with significant followings.

“This agreement mirrors the cooperation required between the United States, Mexico and Canada to execute the 2026 World Cup,” says Prutch. “Just as in the U.S., growth of the game shouldn’t be limited to millionaires and restricted markets. It is a community game, and everyone in the community should have an opportunity to participate.”

This agreement brings the total number of Clubs within NISA, NISA Nation and affiliations to more than 400 spanning two countries. Each one has committed to the independent soccer movement.

NISA will announce more developments in the coming months.


About Liga Profesional de Futbol Mexicano

Liga Profesional de Futbol Mexicano – the Mexican Professional Soccer League (LPF MX) – is a professional circuit, which was created with the aim of promoting soccer talent throughout the country, as well as abroad, thanks to the sports promotion and relationships that exist within the organization in United States and Europe. LPF MX has a First Division; Second Division, Third Division and First Women's. As well as its lower categories; Sub 14, Sub 16 and Sub 18. Nationwide, we have presence in 27 states out of 32 states in the country. We currently operate with 32 teams in division 1, Division 2, 47 teams, Division 3, 18 teams, Women’s league U12 teams and U18, 15 teams. In 2023, we will announce division U16, and U14.




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