Why “National Independent Soccer Association”?

NISA uses the word “national” because it is a good geographic descriptor.  It also aligns alphabetically with the other independent leagues in this country, the NASL and NPSL.  The second word, “independent” is used, because this is a league where the team owners and investors will have control over their own destiny and their franchise.  “Soccer”, of course, is self-evident. Finally, “association” because it leaves NISA open in the future to include other leagues associated with NISA having an association with other leagues.

Why do we need another pro soccer league in the US?

NISA will fill a critical void among independent soccer leagues in the US. Since the USL moved all its teams to a provisional second division status there has been a void in the third division. While USL announced its intention to start a third division league in 2019, there will still be a void of an independent league that is owned and governed by team owners.

This independent third division league is needed to give relevance to other independent leagues in higher and lower divisions and build the infrastructure that will allow the creation of an open promotion and relegation system in the future.

Will there be a team in my city?

NISA is not disclosing which specific markets have submitted letters of intent or engaged in active discussion to join at this time. We have received interest and are engaged in discussions with representatives from four dozen markets in all four continental US time zones.

When can I go to a game?

NISA will launch in the spring of 2018. A 32-game schedule is expected to run into November.

Who’s running this league?


Rebel Nest Sports, LLC, a firm founded by veteran soccer executives Peter Wilt and the late Jack Cummins is guiding NISA through its launch phase. Sports consultancy Club 9 Sports is providing additional services for NISA including investment banking and strategic advisory services.



What good is pro/rel if it’s not connected to a first division league? When will it start?

Promotion and relegation is not complete if it does not include a first division. NISA’s vision for pro/rel is not limited to lower division leagues, but we recognize that pro/rel needs to start somewhere. It will likely take 3 to 4 years to fully populate NISA with 24 teams. At that point NISA can begin promoting teams to a second division league. Once that second division league is fully populated, it can begin relegating teams to NISA. There may be a few years that require NISA to bring on expansion teams to replace promoted teams until the second division is fully populated. Pro/Rel with a fourth division league will not happen until a fourth division league plays a full schedule. Connecting to an existing (MLS) or new first division league with pro/rel is something that requires a bit of faith and vision right now, but we believe NISA’s creation is an important piece of that vision.

Cool, how can I get a job?

NISA will be posting open positions and accepting applicants for League positions once sanctioning is granted. Information will be posted on this website then. Teams will announce their own hiring process separately.

Cool, how can I get tickets?

Join the NISA email list here to be kept up to date on league information including when teams make tickets available.

Cool, how can I support NISA?

Follow NISA on Twitter @NISALeague and let us know your thoughts on this new league via info@nisaofficial.com