About NISA

New Open System Pyramid with Pro/Rel


8-10 Teams

1 Conference

1-2 Divisions

12-16 Teams

1-2 Conferences

2 Divisions

18-20 Teams

Two Conferences

Four Divisions

24 Teams

Two Conferences

Four Divisions

Post-Season will consist of Semi-Finals and a Championship

Promotion / Relegation


Starts when League is fully populated (24 teams)

Agreements to be developed with independent Division 2 league

Promoted teams replaced by expansion teams until D-2 is full

Promoted teams have option to decline


Starts when D-4 League plays full season schedule and able to promote teams

Agreements to be developed with independent Division 4 league

Relegated teams replaced by promoted D-4 teams

Relegated teams could receive parachute payment as part of league agreements

Current US Soccer D III Qualifications


8 team minimum

US based teams must compete in US Open Cup


Minimum capacity of 1,000

Financial Wherewithal

Proof of available funds each year in amount of $250,000 (performance bond)

Principal owner needs to own at least 35% and net worth of $10,000,000

Other general provisions

Champion is determined each year (seasonal or tournament)

75% of all league’s teams must be based in the US

Playing surfaces of 70 x 110 yards and FIFA approved

Coaches must hold USSF “A” coaching license (within two years of appointment)

Central governing office


This will be an affordable league that allows team owners to control the league’s governance, finances and intellectual property and maintain a strong, supportive League office.

For more information on investing in NISA, please contact Peter Wilt at peter@nisaofficial.com

Management – Responsibilities

League will be managed by the League Commissioner and subsequent office.  The Commissioner’s office will be required to fulfill the following services for the League



Implementation of ‘Best Practices’
Developing and enforcing  minimum facility  and game operations standards
Public Relations
Governance of relationships with US Soccer, CONCACAF, and FIFA
Management of competition i.e. officiating, discipline, etc.
Administrative exercises


National sponsors
Media contracts