National Independent Soccer Assocation

New England - the cradle of liberty. It’s where our first American revolution took hold. Strong, proud, & independent, it embodies many of the best things about this league. It is a fitting place to lay our foundation.

As one of the thirteen original colonies, Connecticut has always been on the leading edge of history. When it comes to the game, she’s no different. One of the smallest states in the union, it’s also one of the best soccer markets in America. A fierce supporter of our National teams, it’s the home of one of the largest American Outlaw chapters in the world. Young, prosperous & diverse, it’s a place where more than 120,000 youths are being raised in the game. And while it’s a top thirty media market, it’s one of the top ten when the game comes on.

From Salisbury to Stonington, it’s 3.5 million people united by the game. And NISA is proud to call it home.

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National Independent Soccer Assocation

They’ve been playing since 1881 in the City of Brotherly Love. It’s where they founded the first professional soccer leagues in America back in 1894. Three years later, they brought home their first national championship. By 1924, when our first Olympic Soccer Team took the field, fully half the squad were Philadelphians.

It is the home of American soccer history. It’s the birthplace of our traditions. It’s the Fever, the Atoms, the Fury and the Charge. It’s Bob Rigby bringing soccer to the cover of Sports Illustrated. It’s the Sons of Ben. It’s the International Unity Cup.

It’s a city in love with the game - six million people, young, diverse and thriving. And NISA is proud to call it home.

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National Independent Soccer Assocation

The Lightnin’ beat New York to win the championship back in ’81, but it goes back further than that. They’ve been playing the game in Charlotte for 50 years, and that history still lingers. Even today, there’s always a crowd on matchdays at Courtyard Hooligans, Ri Ra’s, Big Ben’s and Jackalope Jack’s.

Things may have changed, but the game never left. Charlotte is still a hotbed for College sides, the place where UNC Charlotte, Winthrop & Davidson call home. It’s stacked with dozens of youth clubs, such as the Carolina Rapids, WCWAA, and the Charlotte Soccer Academy who work tirelessly with area youth to grow the future of the game. That’s why today, it’s one of the cradles of our sport - the place where future superstars like Jaylin Lindsey, Gabe Rosario, and Tomas Hilliard-Arce found their place in the game.

It’s a top 20 media market in the New South. It’s two and a half million people – young, diverse, and growing the future of our game in their backyards. NISA is proud to call it home.

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National Independent Soccer Assocation

In 1968, American Soccer took its place on the world stage when the upstart Atlanta Chiefs beat English Champions Manchester City.


Kaizer Motaung. Graham Tutt. Phil Woosnam. These heroes – and that team – brought Atlanta its first professional sports championship that year. They planted a seed in the heart of the south - A love for the game that has never wavered. From the Chiefs, to the Beat, through the Silverbacks and even today, the game has always had a home in Atlanta.

It’s an international city of six million people. More than just the best soccer market in America – it’s one of the best in the world. It’s where dozens of youth clubs like GSA, Concorde, TYSA and DDY train the future of our game - more than 65,000 registered players in the metro area alone.

It’s a top 10 media market, madly in love with the game. Young, diverse, prosperous & vibrant, she is one of the great American cities. And NISA is proud to call it home.

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National Independent Soccer Assocation

On the pitch and on the beach, they’ve been playing the game since ’76. This is a city that has put in the work - and it shows: There’s been a San Diegan on every US World Cup Roster since 1990, and its youth leagues overrun with talent. When it comes to developing players, it might just be the best city in America.

But more than that, it’s a city in love with the game. The match is always on at O’Brien’s and the Shakespeare Pub, and while it’s a top 30 media market on weekdays, it becomes one of the top three media markets in the country when the game comes on.

It’s been called the greatest city in the history of mankind, and we’re not going to argue with that. Home to almost three and a half million people, it’s a melting pot, thriving with diversity. And NISA is proud to call it home.


National Independent Soccer Assocation

They’ve been playing the game since 1902 in the City of Angels, and it shows - It’s a city with an unparalleled history in the game. It’s Brazil vs Italy playing for it all in the Rose Bowl back in ’94. It’s Johan Cruff playing for the Aztecs. It’s the Kickers, LA Maccabi & the Sol. It has a fundamental place in the history of the American Game.

It’s a shining beacon in the west. With more than four million people, it’s the second largest media market in the nation. One of the most diverse cities in the nation, she’s fully in love with the game.

And NISA is proud to call it home.


National Independent Soccer Assocation

Filled with big ideas and fresh perspectives, Rhode Island is small in size but big on sports. It’s the creative capital of the nation, home to great thinkers, innovative businesses and a diverse population spread along 400 miles of coastline.

It’s more than one and half million people, young, diverse, and thriving. One of the top 50 media markets in the nation, it’s the perfect place to grow our game. And NISA is proud to call it home.


National Independent Soccer Assocation

It’s the best parts of the Sunshine State. Home to more than eight million people, its pristine white sands draw millions of people each year. It’s more than just America’s premiere vacation destination. - It’s an American institution.

It’s a major part of America’s rich soccer tradition. It was the home of the Tea Men. The Lions, the Sundogs and the Cyclones. It is a place where the game took root, and has been growing ever since.

It’s a top 20 media market, filled with a people that are young, vibrant and diverse. And NISA is proud to call it home.