National Independent Soccer Association Plans to Launch in 2018;
Receives Letters of Intent From 10 Markets and Intends to pursue Promotion and Relegation

Chicago (Tuesday, June 6, 2017) – The National Independent Soccer Association (NISA), a new independent third division professional soccer league, is planned to start with teams throughout the United States in the spring of 2018, it was announced today. The League, with offices based in Chicago, is being launched by veteran soccer executive Peter Wilt and Jack Cummins, his partner at Rebel Nest Sports.

NISA has received letters of intent to join from ten markets to date and is in discussions with more than two dozen more markets about joining. NISA anticipates growing to a maximum of 24 teams by 2021 at which point the only avenue to entry will be via purchasing an existing team or through NISA’s planned promotion and relegation structure with other independent professional soccer leagues.

NISA laid out the four pillars of its foundation:

  1. An affordable pro division national soccer league with regional based competition
  2. An independent league with team owners controlling their franchises
  3. A plan to limit the League to 24 teams and incorporate promotion and relegation once fully populated
  4. A strong league office that serves its teams with quality staff supplemented by expert consultants

“These pillars are critical to differentiate NISA and provide the framework for a sustainable league that will ensure success for itself as well as for other independent leagues that share our vision for an open structure that will provide all soccer clubs with a pathway to fulfill their ambitions,” Wilt said.

Assisting Rebel Nest in NISA’s development are Club 9 Sports and Level 7 Interactive. Club 9 is a sports advisory firm with expertise in raising capital and providing advisory services. Level 7 is a marketing firm that will work with NISA and its teams to ensure stability.

Wilt plans to have a leadership role in the league along with Cummins. “At this point our focus is on shepherding the league to a successful creation and launch. There is a critical void among independent soccer leagues in the US that NISA will fill and help connect,” Wilt said.

The National Independent Soccer Association is a United States based third division professional soccer league preparing to launch in the spring of 2018. The League is committed to bringing high level, competitive professional soccer with meaningful games throughout the country. For more information about NISA visit or contact Peter Wilt at or by phone at 317-292-7993 or 312-464-9842. Follow NISA on Twitter @NISALeague.