The Five Pillars of the NISA

An affordable and sustainable lower division national pro soccer league with regional based competition

Independent league with team owners controlling league governance, their local markets, and their intellectual property

Add relevance by creating connections with D2 and D4 Leagues

Promotion & Relegation intended once fully populated with 24 teams

Strong league office with quality staff supplemented with expert consultants that help the League and team with sales, marketing, and raising capital


Dear NISA Followers,

As we head into December, I would like to provide an update on the progress – and in some areas lack of progress – of the National Independent Soccer Association.

After announcing three months ago that we had received eight applications from 15 signed letters of intent to join, NISA has reviewed and vetted all eight applications. Three of the eight applications have been accepted, four have been returned with requests for improvements and one has been rejected. The three that have been accepted are from Chattanooga, Connecticut and Miami. The four seeking improvements are Charlotte, Omaha, Milwaukee and St. Louis. The Phoenix application has been declined.

Additional active conversations about joining NISA are ongoing with 20 other markets. These include nine existing amateur teams, four existing professional teams and seven groups that do not yet have a team in any league.

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Inaugural Applicant Markets Announced for New US Pro Third Division Soccer League

National Independent Soccer Association Plans to Launch in 2018 or 2019; Receives Applications from Eight Markets; Has 15 LOIs and in Discussions with 45 Total Markets

Chicago (Wednesday, August 30, 2017) – The National Independent Soccer Association (NISA), a new independent third division professional soccer league, announced eight markets today that have submitted applications to be part of the league’s inaugural season in 2018 (or 2019) subject to US Soccer sanctioning, which is part of the process to launch a professional soccer league. The markets with applications are:








St. Louis

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EXCLUSIVE: The National Independent Soccer Association (NISA) – A New Division III Professional Soccer League Expects to Launch in 2018

New league could pave the way for Promotion and Relegation in the United States.

In November, during the week of the North American Soccer League championship game in New York City, former Chicago Fire and Indy Eleven President Peter Wilt met with leaders from the NASL and NPSL to present a concept for a new league that would bridge the gap between them.  It is not rare for semi-pro or amateur teams to beat professional clubs in a one-off US Open Cup match.  However, there is a significant financial and operational divide between a professional Division II, with several billionaire team owners, and the NPSL, whose clubs often come from more humble, grassroots beginnings.  Click Here to Read More.

Plans For New US Pro Third Division Soccer League Announced

National Independent Soccer Association Plans to Launch in 2018;
Receives Letters of Intent From 10 Markets and Intends to pursue Promotion and Relegation

The National Independent Soccer Association (NISA), a new independent third division professional soccer league, is planned to start with teams throughout the United States in the spring of 2018, it was announced today. The League, with offices based in Chicago, is being launched by veteran soccer executive Peter Wilt and Jack Cummins, his partner at Rebel Nest Sports.  Click Here to Read More.